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How To Choose The Best Workplace Wear For Men
Office wear is meant to be formal. For men, it includes a crisp suit, a neat shirt and a tie to complete the look. But this does not mean that men cannot experiment with their dressing style. In fact, since the twentieth century workplace attire codes have relaxed increasing the available dress options.

The latest fashion trends for office outfits are conventional yet stylish in their look. Designers have started paying attention to the smallest details We've rounded up the latest fashion styles for men with regards to office wear.

Strictly Formal -

A business suit will never go out of fashion. It looks smart and neat. A matched three or two-piece suit with a tailored jacket, vest and slacks is appropriate for most business occasions. It can be in dark blue, grey or black. You can team a business suit with a white shirt, a matching tie and pair of polished shoes. In this attire, you are well-dressed for an interview or any business event.

Casual Fridays -

Khakis and cotton trousers are acceptable as office wear. Khakis complement a collared or a button-down shirt. Since it is a casual day, you can forego the tie and cufflinks. Jeans and a graphic T-shirt are casual, but not business casual. You can carry a sport coat or a jacket. Over dressing is always better than undressing because it allows you to blend into different scenes effectively.

After-office Party -

After-office parties can be either with friends or business associates. Many-a-times, you have to head off immediately after work with no time to change. Therefore, what you wear in the morning should be suitable for work and at the same time should be comfortable for your evening outing. In this case, you can experiment with the fabrics of clothing. Instead of a blazer in pure cotton, you can choose a blazer made of cashmere or enhanced wool.

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