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Staff Application
Staff Application Template

Discord Name (Name#0000):
Dewayne Nick#1308
Name (Michael C.):
Dewayne N.
How old are you?:
Why do you want to join the Staff?:
I would like to join staff because I think I can be helpful to the community and try my hardest to make everything run smoothly.
Why should we take you?:
You should take me because I have many past experience of leadership roles and I think I can be a big help. 
Do you have any experience with Staff work?:

- Approved -
Congratulations, your staff application was approved!
You will receive a staff role as soon as possible.

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LSPD RP is a new Five M community based on LSPDFR ©️ . The gameplay will be PVE. We have Redneck/XBR vehicles and code4mods eup.

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